Exclusive Laundry Bag

Cloth based laundry bag issued to each customer. This is reusable and washable and will be used for each individual customer exclusively.This allows customers to maintain hygiene at their homes.This exclusive bag is provided free of cost to the first 500 customers subscribing to our 5star packages and subsequently at a nominal cost of 50 rs each.

RO Based Water is Used for Steam Generation

Purple uses bottle-top RO water in sealed cans to generate the steam required for ironing the clothes. This ensures that the water is clean and disinfected and during the process gets boiled to generate the steam.Hence there is maximum protection.

Latest Ironing Technology

Purple uses imported steam generator machines equipped with garment sensors which ensures that the right amount of steam is applied on garments as per the nature of fabric.So there is no excess heat or resultant cloth damage.

Customized Delivery Crates

Purple will use plastic crates to ensure that the ironed clothes are delivered back to the customer in sealed and sanitized containers & Ensuring maximum protection during the transportation as well.

Trained and Equipped Manpower

Purple executives are trained for the improved process compliant with hygiene In line with the requirement to the current times and would use masks,gloves and sanitizers effectively to ensure maximum safety.